Monday, February 8, 2016

Darkot Pass

Darkot pass is located in Hindukush mountains range of Pakistan. It is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4,703 m (15,430 ft).It connects Baroghil Valley in Chitral and Rawat valley of Ghizer District in Gilgit, Pakistan.

Darkot pass is also known as "Darkut".
Darkot Pass is on an altitude of minimum of 600m and maximum 4,703 m.
The border between Chitral and Northern Areas runs through the pass over Darkot Glacier.It lies  about 10 miles to the east of the peak  Koyo Zom (Zum) (6872m), which is the highest peak in Ghizer district.. Eight miles to the south is Darkot village on the River Darkot, which is a small tributary of Ghizar River. To the northeast of Darkot pass is Chitral. Ten miles to the northwest of the Darkot pass is Chilmarabad, a village one mile south of the Boroghil pass.

On the Darkot Pass the trek is a lateral moraine of the glacier and down the middle is the wide flat Darkot Glacier. After crossing crevasses and stream it leads to Chikar Yarkhun Valley. Descent is much steeper and the glacier is wet and slippery.
Darkot Pass trek offer magnificent views towards the mountains of the central Karakoram. In all directions are views of Granite Peaks interspersed with glaciers. It offers a diversity of unspoiled landscape.

Best Time to visit
Darkot pass  is open from May to October but best time to visit is from June to September

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