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Elevation:                  24,970' (7,611 m)
Prominence:              4,072' (1,241 m)
Location Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Mountain Range:      Karakoram
First ascent:              July 21, 1974
First ascenders:         Leszek Cichy, Herbert Oberhofer, M.                                                 Grochowski, J. Poreba, A. Mlynarczyk, J.                                           Holnicki-Szulc, Hubert Bleicher

Shispare peak is also called  "Shispare Sar" and "Shisparé Sar".

Shispare Peak is located in  Karakoram mountain range of Pakistan in Passu Glacier.This glacier is linked with Batura Glacier. Shispare Peak  lies at the east of the Batura Wall, which is the highest part of the Batura glacier. 
Shispare Peak is at the elevation of 24,970' (7,611 m). Prominence: 4,072' (1,241 m).
Shispare Peak is ranks as the 14th highest mountain in Gilgit-Baltistan and the 19th highest mountain in Pakistan. The nearest peaks located to this peak are Bojohaghur Duanasir, Shanoz, Atabad, Batura Sar, Shunuk, and Shaujerab.

Shispare Peak is one of the high peaks of the Batura Muztagh Mountains,  which is the westernmost sub range of the Karakoram mountain range in the Hunza-Nagar district of Gilgit-Baltistan province in Pakistan.  This peak is near the end of the Batura Muztagh mountains. Batura Sar is the parent peak. 

The Hunza River curves around the south west, and northwest sides of the Batura Muztagh, and Shispare towers above the western bank of the river.In turn, the Hunza Valley lies in the Gilgit District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

Shispare peak  commands large drops in three directions (north, east, and south). Shispare has a strikingly large and steep north east.It is copy of K2 and one of the most beautiful peak in the region.

Shispare was the first major peak in the range to be successfully climbed, in 1974, by the "Polish-German Academic Expedition" under the leadership of Janusz Kurczab. Bleicher, L. Cichy, M. Grochowski, J. Holnicki-Szulc, A. Mlynarczyk, H. Oberhofer, J. Poreba.The first ascent route followed the Pasu Glacier to the East Ridge, between the Pasu and Ghulkin Glacier. 

Best time to climb Shispare Peak  is from June to August.


Monday, March 16, 2015

List of 0000-1000 Meters Peaks in Pakistan


Name : Koh-i-Daram
Height in Meters : 965 m
Mountain Range : Makran range, Gawadar Baluchistan

Name : Tazghi
Height in Meters : 955 m
Mountain Range : Chagai Hills Baluchistan

Name : Koh-i-Taftan
Height in Meters : 797 m
Mountain Range : Ras Koh, Baluchistan

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Khunyang Chhish Mountain (Gilgit–Baltistan, Pakistan)

Khunyang Chhish located in  Karakoram mountains Range of Pakistan. It is the second-highest mountain in the Hispar Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram mountains.

Khunyang Chhish mountain is at the Elevation 7,852 m (25,761 ft. It has a Prominence of 1,765 m (5,791 ft). It is ranked 21st in the world and 8th in Pakistan.

Khunyang Chhish mountain is also called  Kunyang Kish and Khiangyang Kish, among others. 

Khunyang Chhish lies  in Skardu District of Baltistan. It is located in the heart of the Hispar Muztagh, north of the Hispar Glacier, one of the major glaciers of the Karakoram. It rises on the southwest side of the Khunyang Glacier

Khunyang Chhish is notable for its rise above local terrain. It is a steep, pointed, and complex peak. It rises almost 4,000 metres (2.5 mi) above its southern base camp on the Khunyang Glacier, and it rises 5,500 metres (3.4 mi) above the Hunza valley in about 33 kilometres (21 mi). 

Not counting the two Pumari Chhish summits 4 km to the ENE, the Kunyang Chhish massive has five peaks:
  1. Kunyang Chhish Main, 7852 m
  2. Kunyang Chhish South, 7620 m, 700 m SSW, with a prominence of only about 100 m/
  3. Kunyang Chhish East 7400 m, 2 km ESE, 240 m prominence.
  4. Kunyang Chhish West, 7350 m, 1.5 km W, 170 m prominence. Also known as Pyramid Peak.
  5. Kunyang Chhish North, 7108 m, 6 km NNE, 517 m prominence.

The first ascent was accomplished by a Polish team led by Andrzej Zawada in 1971. They climbed a long route up the South Ridge of the peak from the Pumari Chhish Glacier.