Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Khalifat Peak is the highest peak of Ziarat district and the second-highest peak of the province of Balochistan. It has an altitude of 3,475 metres (11,440 ft).

It is located in Sulaiman Mountains Range of Balochistan. It lies between two districts,. Ziarat and Harai. From Ziarat side it is can be reached from Zizri valley and from Harnai side accessible from Shariq valley.

Climbing Route
There two best routes to climb the peak. The first route goes from Zizri valley. It is considered to be the best and easy route  Zizri valley lies at th ebottom of Khilafat peak It has  an altitude of 2250 m. It is higher than Sahriq and climbing time become shorter.

Other route is from Harnai/Shahrig via Dumyara It is tough route as Harnai is on lower altitude. It is a magnificent mountain having a sheer drop of 7.000 feet on to the Shfihrig plain. The  peak lies to the north of the Harnai valley.

It stretches from the Mingi valley eastwards to Kholizgai.
Surrounding area of khilafat peak is worth a place for sightseeing. It  is is picturesque with its natural beauty There are  varieties of wild flowers, different kind of herbal plants and thick green juniper forest . The forest contains some rare and very old juniper trees which are approximately 5000 to 7000 years old. These trees are mostly straight and high with trunks measuring some six metres  Khilafat peak area. Wild olive forest is also found there.

Khilafat peak area provides habitat for endangered wildlife species.  These wild species includes Suleiman Markhor, Urial, Black Bear and Wolf. Many varieties of birds are found there.

The lower heights of Khalifat and the ranges to north, north-west and north-east, and especially in the neighborhood of Ziirat, are well wooded with juniper . To the south and south-east the hills are generally bare and devoid of vegetation.
The tree and vegetation line ends above the altitude of 9000 feet. After this limit Khilafat peak become barrens and rocky plateau.
From the summit of Khilafat peak farthest distance views are visible. It provide the best  picturesque view. The forest visible at the southern foot of the mountain is wild olive, rocks mountains with dotted Junipers trees can be seen.

Not only Zizti valley, Domira and harnai but also from south side Sibi town  up to the bottom of the Bolan gorge can be seen.  The view can be observed  more than a hundred and fifty miles distant in a straight line. To the west lies Zarghun, and behind it the eastern peak of Takatu is visible ; on the north-west is the valley of Pishin

The climb at some area of the peak is difficult. There are sheer drop, deep gorge and wild limestone rocks

It takes 6 to 8 hours to reach top the peak and return.


Koh-i-Takatu is a peak located in the Sulaiman Mountains range, in the Quetta District of Balochistan Province, of Pakistan.

The highest peak of the range is Loai Saar at 3,472 metres (11,391 ft), it is the second highest peak of Quetta District, and third highest peak of Balochistan.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sleeping Beauty of Quetta (Balochistan)

A Mountain called 'Sleeping Beauty of Quetta' is located near Quetta city of  Baluchistan province. 

It is a combination of  few mountain peaks which forms a pattern in such a way that looks like a majestic ,beautiful women sleeping in peace in the mountains.  It is visible from a particular angle   She seems like lying on her back with all her grace and majesty.

If one follow the above mountain feature from the right, that is the head, then moving left, the torso and then the legs. Highest peak resemble the nose of a beautiful woman. than other peaks look like the chin, lips, eyes, forehead.